Who are we looking for?

Management Chief
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Who are we looking for?

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In the future, we will work on requests from departments.
Now we need specialists of any profile.
But still there are priorities:
1. C Programmers with experience in creating at least small projects.
The most promising area for search is private developers-intuziasts of open free projects.
That is, we contact the authors of such projects on github, etc.and offer collaboration.
Plus thematic forums and groups in social networks.
2. Financiers with experience in creating and executing budgets of at least small businesses.
Search similarly-themed forums and groups in social networks.
A quick solution to the first point will allow you to quickly release the first working version of the AI,
and the value of the ysu coin will start to grow.
Solving the second issue will allow all project participants to receive remuneration in a timely manner.
Of course we need other vacancies for the harmonious development of the virtual world:
forum moderators, translators, news and ideas in all languages presented on the forum,
lawyers, marketing and security staff.


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