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The task is to create a decentralized auction. A possible Protocol is shown below.
Creating nodes And skins for managing the auction with the following functions:
Auto-forming a list of categories + maintaining a database of lists of users whose lots correspond to these categories.
When creating a lot, we pass the information to the nearest node - there we define the lot category and attach the user to it.
The lot itself is placed as the first block in the chain on the user's computer.
Incoming bids and all changes related to this lot are added as new blocks in the chain.
To search for lots of interest, the User instructs his AI to monitor the auction using a filter with a specified frequency.
The user's AI receives from the nearest node a list of users who have a product of the required category and then selects lots.
Auction nodes-and skins are periodically synced with each other - have complete lists of users in each category.


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